February 2, 2011

quote of the day :D

" I'm the girl your EX will hate, your mom will love, and you'll want to be with forever "

ahahaa damn it's true. anybody ever heard about that phrase? sounds like familiar, huh? you betta trust me that every girl in the world had spoken that word. and it'll be their motto if they started a new relationship.

haha, kalo buat gue sih, motto ini kayanya cocok banget lah yaaa. mengingat "cara" gue buat jadian sama cowok gue yang sekarang (yeah and his EX sorta hates me she maybe wanna pull my hair off of my head if she meets me) haha.
for the second fact, i'm on my way to make his mom loves me. try to be a nice daughter she would have hahahaaa.

and for the last one. i couldn't agree more with this FACT! LOL. he is dying to be with me. and as a matter of fact, you can't help but look the truth haha.

* i am posting this while laying in front of TV with my lil' sis. cekidot

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